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"Deal of the Century"

"Deal of the Century" (Enlarge)
For the past several weeks we have been studying President Trump's peace plan, “Peace to Prosperity”. The program presents a historical perceptual change in the American government's position, recognizing our legal and historical right to parts of Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley. This political wind-change is good news and of great for the State of Israel. At the same time the plan also sets conditions to the Palestinian Authority that potentially form the basis for negotiations toward the establishment of a Palestinian state on about 70% of the area, which presents considerable dangers. Since its publication, we have been increasingly engaged in public and political activities to promote the application of sovereignty in the Israeli communities as soon as possible – we are demanding “sovereignty now”. We are indebted to the Koheleth and Shiloh Policy Forums for translating the Trump plan in full into Hebrew, which facilitated its close study by all relevant parties.
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