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Sovereignty Tour of Homesh


At the beginning of the month, the Yesha Council, together with Nadia Mater and Yehudit Katzover from the “Movement for Sovereignty,” conducted a special strategic tour to get to know the area and the challenges. During the tour, the group visited Homesh in order to visit the yeshiva students and strengthen the Israeli presence there. Due to the checkpoint at the entrance, dozens of tour participants, some of them over the age of 80, were forced to march from the entrance junction all the way to Homesh itself.

Yigal Dilmoni, CEO of the Yesha Council, told the participants of the tour: "We need to strengthen our hold on the Land of Israel and especially in the Northern Samaria and Jenin area. Only in this way, the terrorists will be prevented from intensifying and growing and we will be able to keep the State of Israel strong and secure. Homesh is part of the Land of Israel and this is how it must remain." The tour was but one of a series of actions that the Yesha Council is carrying out with the aim of returning the Homesh community to its right-full place by re-establishing it, and solidifying our presence in the whole of northern Samaria.”

To Watch a video of the tour: 

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