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Delegation to Europe to stop funding the illegal Arab encroachment of Area C


Yesha Council Director General, Yigal Dilmoni, and Samaria Regional Council Chairman, Yossi Dagan, went on a special visit to Hungary. The delegation’s itinerary included meetings with dozens of key people who favor the advancement of Jewish communities throughout the Land of Israel.

The highlight of the visit was held at an annual conference marking the 142nd anniversary of Theodore Herzl's birth in the town near his birthplace. Dagan and Dilmoni were invited as guests of honor to the conference and addressed more than 200 leaders, diplomats, government officials and the public, and presented them with how Zionism is progressing at present with its original vision in the land of the Bible. We emphasized the challenges facing the Jewish settlement movement, and in particular the illegal Palestinian Arab actions intended to takeover of Area C.

The Director General of the Yesha Council presented the participants with facts from the field as well as harsh video evidence showing the extent of the illegal construction conducted under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority. This includes extensive theft of archeological artifacts and the destruction of antiquities in Biblical sites, all carried out by Palestinian Arabs throughout Judea and Samaria. This is often done by criminal elements but always with the sanction of the Palestinian Authority.

Dilmoni asked them to be partners in helping to stop EU funding for these illegal Palestinian Authority activities. The participants in the audience were amazed to see how they tried to destroy the altar on Mount Ebal, how the Tel Aroma site was severely damaged, as well as the harsh destruction of the ancient aqueduct to Jerusalem. Following the conference, representatives of Judea and Samaria agreed with the hosts on how to practically move forward on the issue.

A few days ago, Dr. Lajos Szarka, head of the Friends of Hungary-Israel association, wrote a letter to Yigal Dilmoni in which he promised to address the issue and present the information to the Hungarian and European academia.

To read the letter, click here (link).

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