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Justice has prevailed: Ben & Jerry's will continue to sell in Judea and Samaria


About a year ago, Ben & Jerry's announced the termination of the agreement between the company and Israeli franchisee Avi Singer, because he refused to stop selling the ice cream in Judea and Samaria.

Over the past year, we worked extensively at the Yesha Council on the issue that included meetings with influential personalities in Israel and abroad, in order to move the company away from the despicable decision.

Our meetings included a tour of Judea and Samaria with Rabbis Daniel and Ari Center, owners of the global KOF K (kashrut) company, which gives kashrut certification to Ben & Jerry's Worldwide. We exposed them to the factories in Judea and Samaria, and presented them with the importance of economic development in the region for peace and quiet in the Middle East.

Ben & Jerrys suffered public discrimination as well as tremendous financial damage. They were forced to realize that boycotting Jews in Judea and Samaria was an anti-Semitic decision that brought with it a high price tag.

Last week, the Israeli franchisee announced that he would continue to produce and sell Ben and Jerry’s throughout the State of Israel. We congratulate the management of the company in Israel on their successful struggle, which has important and broad ramifications.

It is of critical importance that other companies as well, study the incident and prevent anti-Semitic elements and boycott organizations from influencing their decisions
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